Commit e0f6a85a authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Document disktype field of node_types table

parent 58bb43cc
......@@ -30,13 +30,14 @@ B. If the node is of a new type
default OS id (the default OS to boot), which port is the control
net (ie 4), how long you should make people wait before power cycling
again, the default image id, delay capacity, control iface (ie
eth4), and the OS id to boot when it is acting as a delay node.
eth4), the type of the primary disk ('ad'==IDE,'da'==SCSI') and the
OS id to boot when it is acting as a delay node.
insert into node_types
2. There are several scripts that limit searches to certain classes.
If the new type you have added does not have class "pc", you may need
......@@ -217,15 +217,22 @@ control_net: Interface number (described below) of the control network
power_time: Number of second between power cycles (to help save wear and tear
on the hardware). We recommend 60.
imageid: Default image to load (created in Step 6)
imageable: Set to 1 if a disk image can be created/restored on this node type.
delay_capacity: How many delay nodes this node can be. For example, nodes with
2 experimental interfaces can be 1 delay node, nodes with 4 experimental
interfaces can be 2 delay nodes, etc.
virtnode_capacity: Number of virtual nodes that can be hosted on a single
physical node of this type.
control_iface: Linux-style interface name for the control network (ie. 'eth0')
disktype: FreeBSD-style disk name for the primary hard drive.
Choices are 'ad' (IDE), 'sd' (SCSI), or 'ar' (IDE RAID).
delay_osid: Which OS should be run when this node is being a delay node.
Should usually be 'FBSD-STD'
pxe_boot_path: Path (including hostname) to the mini-kernel that should be
loaded by PXE. Ask Utah for this kernel. For example,
isvirtnode: Should be 0.
isremotenode: Should be 0.
2) Create interface types for the nodes
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