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Add a note about running genpubkeys to build protocol 2 keys for all

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......@@ -18,6 +18,20 @@ Note that some instructions may have steps that need to occur at a few
different points in the install process - these are marked with the
earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
20051212: After DB schema is updated, and updated software installed.
These changes are for shifting from SSH protocol 1 keys to
protocol 2 keys.
For users:
wap /usr/testbed/sbin/genpubkeys
this will generate new Protocol 2 (rsa) keys for all users,
and regen their authorized_keys file. Note that existing sites
will need to retain protocol 1 keys for users because of old
20050818: Anytime after the DB schema is updated
Load the initial contents of the new knowledge_base_entries table
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