Commit df7149d1 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor fix, I left out a hunk of code in previous commit.

parent ebd4759e
...@@ -1173,6 +1173,7 @@ use Genixmlrpc; ...@@ -1173,6 +1173,7 @@ use Genixmlrpc;
use GeniXML; use GeniXML;
use GeniHRN; use GeniHRN;
use APT_Geni; use APT_Geni;
use Date::Parse;
use Data::Dumper; use Data::Dumper;
use vars qw($AUTOLOAD); use vars qw($AUTOLOAD);
use overload ('""' => 'Stringify'); use overload ('""' => 'Stringify');
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