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Add text about iface being required for switch interfaces.

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......@@ -243,7 +243,8 @@ Cisco Cat6500 series, use the switch's 'native' module and port numbers. For
switches that do not have expansion modules, the card number is assumed to be
0. Make sure to get the current_speed (this time, in Mbps, and note, this is
an enumerated type, not an integer, so you need to put quotes around the
speed) and duplex correct.
speed) and duplex correct. You'll also need to set 'iface' to some string
representing the port - I tend to use 'module/port' (ie. '1/1').
Now, go into the wires table and add wires connecting the switch interfaces you
just created. Make sure to set the type to 'Trunk'. In this case, it doesn't
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