Commit dd7a05ee authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Commit of USENIX driven improvements:

1. The big one is from Leigh: multithreading the unzipper so that
   decompression overlaps with disk IO.  Also added the '-n' "no threads"
   option for comparison purposes.

2. Eh...guess that's it for imagezip/unzip.  Oh wait, mike fixed a comment!
parent e0127c8c
......@@ -13,8 +13,14 @@ WITH_NTFS = @WINSUPPORT@
include $(OBJDIR)/Makeconf
PTHREADLIBS = -L/usr/local/lib -llthread -llgcc_r
CFLAGS = -O2 -g -static
LIBS = -lz
# with NTFS
ifeq ($(WITH_NTFS),1)
......@@ -35,10 +41,13 @@ imagezip: $(NTFSDIR) imagezip.o version.o
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) imagezip.o version.o $(LIBS) -o imagezip
imageunzip: imageunzip.o version.o
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) imageunzip.o version.o $(LIBS) -o imageunzip
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) imageunzip.o version.o $(UNZIPLIBS) -o imageunzip
imageunzip.o: imageunzip.c
$(CC) -c $(UNZIPCFLAGS) -o imageunzip.o $<
frisbee.o: imageunzip.c
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -DFRISBEE -o frisbee.o $<
$(CC) -c $(UNZIPCFLAGS) -DFRISBEE -o frisbee.o $<
@$(MAKE) -C ntfs all
......@@ -49,8 +58,9 @@ version.c: imagezip.c imageunzip.c
install: $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/imagezip $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/imageunzip
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) imagezip /usr/local/bin/imagezip
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) imageunzip /usr/local/bin/imageunzip
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -o root -g wheel -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) imagezip $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin/imagezip
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) imageunzip $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin/imageunzip
@if [ -d ntfs ]; then \
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1588,8 +1588,7 @@ compress_image(void)
* A partial range. Well, maybe a partial range.
* Go back and stick in the block header and the region
* information. Since there are no skip ranges, there
* is but a single region and it covers the entire block.
* information.
curregion->start = prange->start - inputminsec;
curregion->size = size / secsize;
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