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Add instructions for setting up SSH button on Max OSX.

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......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ FILES += $(wildcard $(SRCDIR)/*.js)
FILES += $(wildcard $(SRCDIR)/*.htc)
FILES += $(SRCDIR)/.htaccess $(SRCDIR)/error.shtml \
$(SRCDIR)/ssh-mime.scpt \
$(SRCDIR)/ssh-mime-winxp.c $(SRCDIR)/rdp-mime-winxp.c \
$(SRCDIR)/ssh-mime-winxp.exe $(SRCDIR)/rdp-mime-winxp.exe \
......@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ a "text/x-testbed-ssh" ".tbssh" file.
.tbssh file with a script, or associate it with the script in the browser
so you can just click. See the installation directions <a
<li> For <b>Mac OSX</b> you will need to configure a folder action for your
browser downloads directory. See the installation directions <a
href="#osx_install">below</a>. Both xterm and Terminal windows
are supported under OSX (if you are not running X11, an OSX Terminal
window is created).</li>
......@@ -165,3 +170,59 @@ a "text/x-testbed-ssh" ".tbssh" file.
<font size='+1'><a name="osx_install"></a>
<b>Instructions for Mac OSX:</b></font>
<li> You need to run an ssh-agent that starts up when you initially
login. We <b>strongly</b> suggest that you pick up <a
href=>SSHKeychain</a> and install it. The
instructions for using SSHKeychain are:
<li> Copy SSHKeychain ( to your Applications
<li> Run SSHKeychain. This should open a dock item and a statusbar item.
<li> Click either the Statusbar Item, the Dock Item, or MainMenu and
open the Preferences.
<li> Open the Environment tab.
<li> Enable <code>Manage global environment variables.</code> This
will make SSHKeychain available for other applications.
<li> Open the keys tab and see if any of your keys are missing
(<code>~/.ssh/id_dsa</code> and <code>~/.ssh/identity</code>
are the default).
<li> Add SSHKeychain to your Login Items in the System Preferences.
This is located in the Accounts tab in the System
Preferences screen.
<li> Re-login to make the global variables work.
<li> Move the <a href=""><code></code> script</a>
into your <code>~/bin</code> directory.
<li> <code> mkdir -p ~/Library/Scripts/Folder\ Action\ Scripts</code>
<li> Move the <a href="ssh-mime.scpt"><code>ssh-mime.scpt</code>
AppleScript</a> to the above directory.
<li> Start up Firefox or Safari and go into the Downloads menu to figure
out where files are being saved (typically <code>~/Desktop</code> or
<code>~/Documents/My Downloads</code>).
<li> Go into the <code>Finder</code> and find that folder. Right Click on
the folder. (If you do not have a 3 button external mouse, then you
select the folder, and do Control-Click).
<li> You will see an option to <code>Enable Folder Actions<code> in the
menu. Select that option.
<li> Right click again on the folder, and select the <code>Attach Folder
Action</code> option. A <code>Finder</code> file chooser pops up.
Select <code>~/Library/Scripts/Folder\ Action\ Scripts/ssh-mime.scpt
<li> The first time you click on an <code>SSH To Node</code> button, your
browser ask you what to do. Choose the <code>Download</code> option
and select the <code>Do this automatically</code> button.
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