Commit db8a085b authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Whoops, leftover plab stuff from 4.2 upgrade.

parent ead6325e
......@@ -221,12 +221,14 @@ sub doplabconfig()
# XXX: need to actually use the slice name, but we don't really have
# it stored anywhere yet.
print "Fixing up the passwd file.\n";
my $slicename = `cat /etc/slicename`;
my $sliceuserent = "";
open(PWD, "< $PWDFILE") or
fatal("Can't open password file for reading!");
while (my $pwln = <PWD>) {
if ($pwln =~ /^utah_/) {
if ($pwln =~ /^$slicename/) {
my @pwdfields = split /:/, $pwln;
$pwdfields[1] = "*";
$sliceuserent = join(":", @pwdfields);
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