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Add a couple of bullets related to Elvin.

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......@@ -54,3 +54,14 @@ a few stumbling blocks, and notes to be aware of:
* Grab a precompiled CVSup binary, either from the old RHL image, or
from the CVSup website. _Much_ less hassle.
* Newer (circa 11/2003) Emulab images require that elvind be installed.
Building libelvin and elvind for Linux is not really a problem, the
problem is getting the correct sources to build from. We use Elvin
4.0.3 which may no longer be available. Once libelvin and elvind
are installed, the tmcd/linux make will take care of hooking it in
to the startup.
* Elvin libraries are installed in /usr/local/lib. Make sure the default
shared library path (/etc/ includes this. If necessary, add
it and run ldconfig.
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