Commit db63c39e authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad

This commit has several things.

- Fix to deal with FreeBSD 4.7 (4.x) problems with select() timeout and using
  BPF ioctl() BIOCSSEESENT. Several packets were being lost and depending on
  when exactly it happens, flows weren't making progress. In the particular
  case of 1 nse sending packets over 2 veths on the same pnode, this problem
  was the most severe. The kernel issues are discussed in the following
  freebsd arch mailing list. Also more discussions are on testbed-ops in
  the thread "bizarre veth/bpf/tcpdump behaviour"

- The port classifier stores packet timestamps and sizes and can be made to
  dump them from the tcl side. The default is 100000 packets which is compiled
  in. This is on a per destination port basis. For a large number of simulator
  flows, it can eat up memory quickly. Will be removed out of the standard
  build after my thesis. The format of the output is
  <packet_timestamp> <size> <simulator_clock>, one per line.
- In packets received from the wire, bpf timestamps (relative to start of nse)
  are stored in the simulator packet that is injected into the simulator. Again
  useful for traces. If the simulator packet is scheduled again, this timestamp
  will be overwritten to whenever the packet/event needs to be dispatched.
- IPTap supports sendcount and recvcount methods (callable from Tcl) to print
  debugging info
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......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ ns-2.26/apps/
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