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Add a few more instructions about package building.

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......@@ -73,6 +73,17 @@ Now, you have to install all of these ports. Just run a 'make install' in the
/usr/port/misc/emulab-boss and /usr/ports/misc/emulab-ops directories. Now, we
play the waiting game. This will take a while.
At this point, is a good idea to check for ports with bad packing lists - this
happens every once in a while. Run 'pkg_info -g -a', and look for "doesn't
exist" - if you find any of these, you'll have to determine whether the port
is broken, whether you should touch the file, or what else needs to be fixed.
Generally, files that fail their MD5 checksums are okay - this just means that
two ports installed the same file. So far, I haven't seen this happen with any
files that actually mattered.
After building the ports, you'll want to do a 'make clean' and remove everything
in /usr/ports/distfiles to make sure you have enough room for all the packages.
Now, to build the packages. Pretty easy, actually. Just run:
mkdir /usr/ports/packages
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