Commit da0596a5 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Build locate/makewhatis DBs on linux. Minor change to install to

move the /etc/cron files off so they are not run.
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......@@ -87,6 +87,15 @@ sysetc-install: dir-install
-ln -s $(RCDIR)/init.d/testbed $(RCDIR)/rc3.d/S96testbed
-ln -s $(RCDIR)/init.d/testbed $(RCDIR)/rc1.d/K12testbed
-ln -s $(RCDIR)/init.d/testbed $(RCDIR)/rc6.d/K12testbed
$(INSTALL) -m 755 -o root -g wheel -d $(SYSETCDIR)/cron.pend
if [ -e $(SYSETCDIR)/cron.daily/slocate.cron ]; then \
mv -f $(SYSETCDIR)/cron.daily/slocate.cron \
$(SYSETCDIR)/cron.pend; \
if [ -e $(SYSETCDIR)/cron.daily/makewhatis.cron ]; then \
mv -f $(SYSETCDIR)/cron.daily/makewhatis.cron \
$(SYSETCDIR)/cron.pend; \
-rm -f $(RCDIR)/*/S95anacron $(RCDIR)/*/K05anacron
......@@ -53,9 +53,17 @@ foreach my $dbfile (@DBFILES) {
# Run anacron to bring everything up to date. It never runs again.
print "Running cron jobs. This could take a few minutes ...\n";
print "Running cron jobs.\n";
system("anacron -d -f -s -n");
# Create locate and makewhatis DBs, which are no longer in weekly cron.
print "Building makewhatis DB. This could take a few minutes ...\n";
print "Building locate DB. This could take a few minutes ...\n";
# Generate a dumpdates file. Use fstab to find out what filesystems
# need entries, and then put in entries for each filesystem using
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