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add getPathVlanIfaces into snmpit_lib, which maps the ports in a path to their...

add getPathVlanIfaces into snmpit_lib, which maps the ports in a path to their real ports on the switch node if the path consists of two layer 1 segments that share a switch node.
parent cf0447ce
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ use Exporter;
setPortEnabled setPortTagged
printVars tbsort getExperimentCurrentTrunks
uniq isSwitchPort);
uniq isSwitchPort getPathVlanIfaces);
use English;
use libdb;
......@@ -192,6 +192,93 @@ sub getVlanIfaces($) {
return @ports;
# Get real ifaces on switch node in a VLAN that implements a path
# that consists of two layer 1 connections and also has a switch as
# the middle node.
sub getPathVlanIfaces($) {
my $vlanid = shift;
my $vlan = VLan->Lookup($vlanid);
my $experiment = $vlan->GetExperiment();
my $pid = $experiment->pid();
my $eid = $experiment->eid();
# find the underline path of the link
my $query_result =
DBQueryWarn("select distinct implemented_by from ".
"virt_lans where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid' and vname='".
if (!$query_result || !$query_result->numrows) {
warn "Can't find VLAN $vlanid definition in DB.";
return undef;
# default implemented_by is empty
my ($path) = $query_result->fetchrow_array();
if ($path == "" || !$path) {
print "VLAN $vlanid is not implemented by a path\n" if $debug;
return undef;
# find the segments of the path
$query_result = DBQueryWarn("select segmentname, segmentindex from virt_paths ".
"where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid' and pathname='$path';");
if (!$query_result || !$query_result->numrows) {
warn "Can't find path $path definition in DB.";
return undef;
if ($query_result->numrow > 2) {
warn "We can't handle the path with more than two segments.";
return undef;
my %ifacesonswitchnode = ();
my @vlans = ();
VLan->ExperimentVLans($experiment, \@vlans);
while (my ($segname, $segindex) = $query_result->fetchrow())
foreach my $myvlan (@vlans)
if ($myvlan->vname == $segname) {
my @members;
foreach my $member (@members) {
my ($node,$iface);
$member->GetAttribute("node_id", \$node);
$member->GetAttribute("iface", \$iface);
if ($myvlan->IsMember($node, $iface)) {
my @pref;
# only two ports allowed in the vlan
if (@pref != 2) {
warn "Vlan ".$myvlan->id()." doesnot have exact two ports.\n";
return undef;
if ($pref[0] == "$node:$iface") {
$ifacesonswitchnode{"$node:$iface"} = $pref[1];
} else {
$ifacesonswitchnode{"$node:$iface"} = $pref[0];
return %ifacesonswitchnode;
# Returns an array of ports (in node:card form) used by the given VLANs
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