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Add some notes about what I think needs to be done for better


Kirk, you should chime in since you now the resident expert after the
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Here is what I think we need to do:
* Remove our reliance on register_globals. This is going to be a lot
of messy work since $foo now becomes $_GET['foo'] or $_POST['foo']
or $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] or $_COOKIE['authname'].
* Chack all args before handing off to DB queries. We are not going to
use magic quotes, so before we can give a random argument (like uid)
to a DB query, we have to check it.
We should add some utility functions for this. Generally, all args
need better checking.
* Anything that goes to the shell needs even tighter checks.
* Kill all the stripslashes call on data that came from the DB since
they are not needed (no slashes stored in the DB).
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