Commit d8da0f6a authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Use most current idleswap time when sending the mail message.

parent f3912a90
......@@ -214,6 +214,11 @@ my $noidleswap = $hashrow{'noidleswap_reason'};
my $idleswaptime= $hashrow{'idleswap_timeout'} / 60.0;
my $autoswaptime= $hashrow{'autoswap_timeout'} / 60.0;
if ($inout ne "out") {
# I'm going to update this below, so fix the value before I use it.
$idleswaptime = $idleswap_time / 60.0;
my $swapsettings =
#"Name: $expt_name\n" .
"Swappable: $swappablestr".
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