Commit d8be2b95 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Cut the caller some slack when determining if a time is in the future.

parent dd90db5d
......@@ -1168,16 +1168,18 @@ handle_put(int sock, struct sockaddr_in *sip, struct sockaddr_in *cip,
* They gave us an mtime and it is "bad", return an error.
* XXX somewhat arbitrary: cannot set a time in the future.
* XXX cut them some slack on the future time thing, up to 10s okay.
if (mtime) {
struct timeval now;
gettimeofday(&now, NULL);
if (mtime > now.tv_sec) {
if (mtime > (now.tv_sec + 10)) {
FrisWarning("%s: client %s %s failed: "
"attempt to set mtime in the future",
imageid, clientip, op);
"attempt to set mtime in the future "
"(%u > %u)\n",
imageid, clientip, op, mtime, now.tv_sec);
msg->body.putreply.error = rv;
goto reply;
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