Commit d85879d0 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

UE support: A node in the experiment can be the ADB target.

Via control network.
parent b8a81a5d
......@@ -4179,8 +4179,22 @@ sub UEConfig($) {
$experiment->GetVirtNodeAttribute($self->vname(), "adb_target",
system("$TBADB -n $node_id resvport $adb_target")
if ($adb_target);
if ($adb_target) {
my $tnode = $experiment->VnameToNode($adb_target);
if ($tnode) {
my $c_iface = Interface->LookupControl($tnode);
if ($c_iface && $c_iface->IP()) {
$adb_target = $c_iface->IP();
} else {
print STDERR "*** Could not find control network interface for $tnode!\n";
return -1;
if (system("$TBADB -n $node_id resvport $adb_target") != 0) {
print STDERR "*** Failed to reserve ADB port for $node_id!\n";
return -1;
# Get current USIM sequence number, increment and save, and add
# as virt_node_attribute to be picked up and put in manifest.
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