Commit d7b1d6c6 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Quick fix for duplicate subosid feature generation.

parent 98a77cf7
......@@ -436,7 +436,7 @@ my $defaultosidquery = 'select distinct o.osid, t.type, o.osname,, o.OS, o
# For subOS support (i.e., vnode OSes running atop vhost OSes), we have to
# check both the subosid and all the parent_osid it can run on.
my $subosidquery = "select o.osid,o.parent_osid from os_submap as o " .
my $subosidquery = "select distinct o.osid,o.parent_osid from os_submap as o " .
"left join osidtoimageid as oi1 on o.osid = oi1.osid " .
"left join osidtoimageid as oi2 on o.parent_osid = oi2.osid " .
"left join images as i1 on oi1.imageid = i1.imageid ".
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