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Commit d6a221ec authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

tbadb: Load/store adb target host/port info in db.

parent 555263e1
......@@ -333,8 +333,14 @@ sub cmd_forward($@) {
my $node = Node->Lookup($node_id);
die "tbadb::cmd_forward: Invalid node name $node_id!\n"
if (!defined($node));
die("tbadb::cmd_forward: You do not have permission to access $node\n")
die "tbadb::cmd_forward: You do not have permission to access $node\n"
if (!$node->AccessCheck($this_user, TB_NODEACCESS_REBOOT));
# Node must be in an experiment. We store the returned port number
# in the virt_node_attributes table.
my $experiment = $node->Reservation();
die "tbadb::cmd_forward: $node_id does not belong to an experiment!\n"
if (!$experiment);
# Grab the RPC pipe.
my ($rpcin, $rpcout) = GetRPCPipeHandles($node);
......@@ -363,15 +369,18 @@ sub cmd_forward($@) {
exit 1;
# Grab the returned port number and store it.
my $portnum = $data->{RESULT}->{PORT};
if (!$portnum) {
warn "tbadb::cmd_forward: Did not receive a port number from 'forward'!\n";
exit 1;
$experiment->SetVirtNodeAttribute($node->vname(), "adb_port", $portnum);
# Done!
print "tbadb::cmd_forward: successfully setup adb port: $portnum\n";
# XXX: insert into DB somewhere, along with console host.
my $chost;
print "tbadb::cmd_forward: successfully setup adb port: $chost:$portnum\n";
return 0;
......@@ -1274,7 +1274,8 @@ sub SetupReloadUISP($)
sub SetupReloadUE($)
my $reload_info = $_[0];
my $node = $reload_info->{'node'};
my $nodeobject = $reload_info->{'nodeobj'};
my $node_id = $reload_info->{'node'};
my $image = (@{$reload_info->{'images'}})[0];
my $osid = $reload_info->{'osid'};
......@@ -1284,33 +1285,47 @@ sub SetupReloadUE($)
my $imgpid = $image->pid();
my $imgname = $image->imagename();
# Grab the target adb host if specified by the user. Adjust the
# tbadb command as appropriate.
my $thost;
my $experiment = $nodeobject->Reservation();
if ($experiment) {
"adb_target", \$thost);
my $adbcmd =
$thost ? "setup $imgpid $imgname $thost" :
"loadimage $imgpid $imgname";
# Tell stated that we're about to start reloading
# The mote goes 'down', then starts to reload
# Invoke local script that calls the remote end that
# actually does the work.
my $rv = system("$TBADB -n $node loadimage $imgpid $imgname");
my $rv = system("$TBADB -n $node_id $adbcmd");
if ($rv) {
tberror "$node: tbadb loadimage failed!";
tberror "$node_id: tbadb failed!";
return -1;
# Tell stated that we've finished reloading the node
system("$osselect $osid $node");
system("$osselect $osid $node_id");
if ($?) {
tberror "os_select $osid failed!";
return -1;
......@@ -1320,7 +1335,7 @@ sub SetupReloadUE($)
# 'Reboot' the node (from stated's perspective, anyway)
# has been shutdown, so that the os_select will take effect
return 0;
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