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Another random thought.

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......@@ -20,12 +20,21 @@ Sources of info for the following include (from the testbed source repo):
* 40GB -> 500-1000GB (12-25x increase in capacity)
* ~50MB/sec -> ~100-150MB/sec (2-3x increase in throughput)
* 7200-10000 rpm -> 7200-15000 rpm (0-1.5x decrease in rotational delay)
* 64-256GB
* 100-250MB/sec
* near zero latency
* 100Mb/sec -> 1000Mb/sec (10x increase in BW)
The bottlenecks and thus trade-offs have changed. This drives the changes
below that we have made to frisbee...blah, blah.
One example: drives have become faster due to increased density, but
heads/spindles don't move much faster. Thus avoiding seeks becomes even
more important.
Is disk imaging still relevant? There has been an increasing shift toward
virtualization, and with that, the use of virtual disks. These disks can
be logically copied from a master disk; e.g., using COW techniques. There
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