Commit d679f7cc authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Remove some unnecessary scripts

parent b5665e06
g++33 -ftemplate-depth-30 -O3 -I/home/duerig/include -o dijk \ \
g++33 -O3 -o check
g++33 -O3 -o route-histogram
export EXTRA_LIB_PATH=/home/duerig/metis/metis-4.0
export EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/duerig/metis/metis-4.0/Lib/
export CC=g++
export LINK_FLAGS=-g
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/ipassign.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/bitmath.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/ConservativeAssigner.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/HierarchicalAssigner.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/Framework.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${COMPILE_FLAGS} -c -o tmp/coprocess.o -I${EXTRA_INCLUDE_PATH} -DROUTECALC=\"bin/routecalc\" src/
${CC} ${LINK_FLAGS} -o bin/ipassign -L${EXTRA_LIB_PATH}/ tmp/ipassign.o tmp/bitmath.o tmp/ConservativeAssigner.o tmp/HierarchicalAssigner.o tmp/Framework.o tmp/coprocess.o -lmetis -lm
#${CC} -o bin/difference src/
#${CC} -o bin/add-x src/
${CC} -o bin/inet2graph src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/brite2graph src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/top2graph src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/graph2single-source src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/single-source src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/route2dist src/ -lm
${CC} -o bin/route2lan src/ -lm
g++ -o fail-assign
g++ -o trivial-assign
g++ -o prepass
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