Commit d5264995 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Try to avoid a problem we had with VLAN 'turds' the other day when

a switch in the middle of the stack stopped responding for a little
parent 405f8f40
......@@ -451,6 +451,7 @@ sub removeVlan($@) {
# first, so the other snmpit will not see it free until it's been
# removed from all switches)
my $vlan_removal_errors = 0;
foreach my $devicename (sort {tbsort($b,$a)} keys %{$self->{DEVICES}}) {
my $device = $self->{DEVICES}{$devicename};
my @existant_vlans = ();
......@@ -475,10 +476,14 @@ sub removeVlan($@) {
# If this stack doesn't use VTP, delete the VLAN, too, while
# we're at it. If it does, we remove all VLANs down below (we can't
# do it until the ports have been cleared from all switches.)
# If there have been any errors removing VLANs from other switches,
# we don't continue trying to remove them - this is in an attempt to
# avoid ending up with VLANs that exist on switches in the stack but
# NOT the 'master' (the first one we try to create them on)
if (!$self->{VTP}) {
if (!$self->{VTP} && !$vlan_removal_errors) {
my $ok = $device->removeVlan(@existant_vlans);
if (!$ok) { $errors++; }
if (!$ok) { $errors++; $vlan_removal_errors++; }
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