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#include <sys/types.h>
* Magic number when image is compressed
#define COMPRESSED_MAGIC 0x69696969
* Each compressed block of the file has this little header on it.
* Since each subblock is independently compressed, we need to know
* its internal size (it will probably be shorter than 1MB) since we
* have to know exactly how much to give the inflator.
struct blockhdr {
int magic;
unsigned long size; /* Size of compressed part */
int blockindex;
int blocktotal;
int regionsize;
int regioncount;
* This little struct defines the pair. Each number is in sectors. An array
* of these come after the header above, and is padded to a 1K boundry.
* The region says where to write the next part of the input file, which is
* how we skip over parts of the disk that do not need to be written
* (swap, free FS blocks).
struct region {
unsigned long start;
unsigned long size;
* In the new model, each sub region has its own region header info.
* But there is no easy way to tell how many regions before compressing.
* Just leave a page, and hope that 512 regions is enough!
* This number must be a multiple of the NFS read size in netdisk.
#define DEFAULTREGIONSIZE (1024 * 4)
* Ah, the frisbee protocol. The new world order is to break up the
* file into fixed 1MB chunks, with the region info prepended to each
* chunk so that it can be layed down on disk independently of all the
* chunks in the file.
#define SUBBLOCKSIZE (1024 * 1024)
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