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Added notes on some of the things that Mike did in setting up cash.

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......@@ -139,6 +139,10 @@ Also grab the old /etc/groups file
*.* /usr/testbed/log/tiplogs/capture.log
*.* /usr/testbed/log/dhcpd.log
*.* /usr/testbed/log/capserver.log
*.* /usr/testbed/log/frisbeed.log
All of these logs should be created before you HUP syslogd or reboot - All of
them can be world-readable
......@@ -220,12 +224,16 @@ SSH keys - Generate an SSH key for root by running ssh-keygen. Put an empty
passphrase on it. You'll want to copy boss:/root/.ssh/ to
ops:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys so that boss has the appropriate access on ops.
Process accounting - We generally turn on process accounting, by putting
in /etc/rc.conf .
##### Step 6 - Stuff to copy from an old boss node
If you're simply moving from one boss node to another, there are a few files
and trees you'll want to make sure to copy over:
/tftpboot/ (a link to /usr/testbed/tftpboot)
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