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There are more WINXP-*-pc3000 images now.

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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ the "console" command or remotely via the
<a NAME="images"></a><h2>Images and Kernel Support</h2>
Currently, the Emulab standard FreeBSD (FBSD410-STD, FBSD54-STD),
Linux (RHL90-STD, FC4-STD), and Windows (WINXP-SP1-pc3000, WINXP-SP2-pc3000)
Linux (RHL90-STD, FC4-STD), and Windows (WINXP-UPDATE-pc3000, WINXP-SP{0,1,2}-pc3000)
images will run on the new machines.
If you have built custom images based on our standard images before
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