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Add notes for Step "-1" - Undoing Step 1 if necessary

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......@@ -48,8 +48,11 @@ help bootstrap only and as such, does not have the power to perform many
actions that are required later (such as adding nodes to the testbed).
Login as user 'elabman' if you have not already done so. Go into 'red dot'
mode by clicking on the green dot. You should see the "Start New Project"
page. Fill in your own information in the 'Project Head Information'
mode by clicking on the green dot. You should see the "Start a New Testbed
Project" page, with a "Create First Project" link on the left menu under
Fill in your own information in the 'Project Head Information'
section. It is important that you provide a working email address! Select
your initial Project Name in the 'Project Information' section (we call
ours 'testbed', but you can call yours whatever you call your project or
......@@ -119,6 +122,43 @@ Before we continue, lets explain a few more important items:
Others at your site can now apply to join your project, or start their own.
##### Step "-1" - Undoing Step 1 if necessary
If something went wrong during Step 1, it can leave things in an inconsistent
state. Here's how to undo it without starting over from scratch. The goal is
to remove things that boss-install checks on, so it can be run again to put
the Emulab database and directories into initial conditions.
* Remove users, groups, and directories set up by boss-install.
pw userdel -n elabman -r
pw userdel -n elabckup -r
ssh -n ops pw userdel -n elabman -r
ssh -n ops pw userdel -n elabckup -r
ls -l /users /proj /groups
rm -r /proj/* /groups/*
pw groupdel -n emulab-ops
ls -l /usr/testbed/{expwork,*/proj}
rm -r /usr/testbed/expwork/* /usr/testbed/*/proj/*
ls -l /usr/testbed/{expwork,*/proj}
* Remove user and group from the elabman "Create First Project" pages.
set me = *your-login*
pw userdel -n $me -r
pw groupdel -n testbed
ls -l /users /proj /groups
* Kill the database.
mysql -e "drop database tbdb"
* Run boss-install, checking particularly on the success of these tasks:
. Setting up database
. Setting up initial user (elabman)
. Setting up checkup user (elabckup)
. Setting up system experiments
Now you can go back to Step 1 with the first login as 'elabman' and try again.
##### Step 2 - Setup web sql editor
Several of the steps below require you to add data to the database by hand. If
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