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Add blurb about how to schedule termination, as requested by Eric.

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......@@ -71,6 +71,19 @@ minutes (typically 3-5 for swapin, and less than 1 for swapout), so
you won't lose much time by doing it.
Sometimes an experiment will run long enough that you cannot be online
to terminate it. For example, if the experiment completes in the
middle of the night. We provide two mechanisms to assist you in
terminating your experiment and releasing nodes in a timely
manner. The first is the <a href="tutorial/tutorial.php3#BatchMode">
<em>batch system</em></a> and the other is
<a href="tutorial/tutorial.php3#Halting"><em>scheduled
termination</em></a>. Please consult the
<a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3">Emulab Tutorial</a> for information
on these and other topics.
<a name="state"></a>
<h3>What is "node state"?</h3>
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