Commit d27ec2be authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Add report section giving the link to delay node mapping. Useful for

people who want to log into the delay nodes and change a specific link.
parent f9cfddd4
......@@ -169,6 +169,22 @@ if (($state eq EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE) || ($state eq EXPTSTATE_TESTING)) {
"$vnode:$pport", $ipmap{$member}, $delay, $bandwidth, $lossrate;
$result =
DBQueryFatal("select d.node_id,d.vname,r.vname from delays as d ".
"left join reserved as r on d.node_id=r.node_id ".
"where'$pid' and d.eid='$eid' ".
"order by d.vname ASC");
if ($result->numrows) {
print "\n";
print "Delay Node Info:\n";
printf "%-15s %-15s %-15s\n", "LinkID", "Virtual", "Physical";
print "--------------- --------------- --------------- \n";
while (($phys,$vname,$virt) = $result->fetchrow_array()) {
printf "%-15s %-15s %-15s\n", $vname, $virt, $phys;
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