Commit d214a9a3 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Put proper defaults into the db for idleswap* when starting expts.

parent d8da0f6a
......@@ -112,6 +112,13 @@ if (! TBProjAccessCheck($dbuid, $pid, $gid, TB_PROJECT_CREATEEXPT)) {
" You do not have permission to create experiments in $pid/$gid\n");
# Must do this before lock tables!
# idleswap is in minutes, threshold is in hours
$idleswap_time = 60 * TBGetSiteVar("idle/threshold");
# XXX : Remove this and the idle parts of the insert below when we get
# the new form committed, and they get filled in according to what the
# expt creator requested.
# Create an experiment record. The pid/eid has to be unique, so lock the
# table for the check/insert.
......@@ -134,11 +141,12 @@ if ($query_result->numrows) {
# will recognize it.
if (! DBQueryWarn("INSERT INTO experiments ".
"(eid, pid, gid, expt_created, expt_expires, expt_name, ".
" expt_head_uid,expt_swap_uid, state, priority, swappable) ".
"(eid, pid, gid, expt_created, expt_expires, expt_name,".
" expt_head_uid,expt_swap_uid, state, priority, swappable,".
" idleswap, idleswap_timeout) ".
"VALUES ('$eid', '$pid', '$gid', now(), '$expires', ".
"$description,'$dbuid', '$dbuid', 'new', $priority, ".
"$swappable)")) {
"$swappable, 1, '$idleswap_time')")) {
DBQueryWarn("unlock tables");
die("*** $0:\n".
" Database error inserting record for $pid/$eid!\n");
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