Commit d13f1cc0 authored by Kristin Wright's avatar Kristin Wright

*** empty log message ***

parent 495487ff
......@@ -18,6 +18,20 @@
<H3>Current Release 1.0 </a> [PENDING]</h3>
<LI><B><A HREF="">[kwright]</A></B>
<b>Thu Jul 13 17:00:57 MDT 2000</b><br>
Implemented this in forw_reply.c:
* It's possible that one neighbor responded very quickly
* and other neighbors (perhaps because they have many more
* neighbors whose messages they had to parse) could respond
* slowly. To cover this case, we should continue to try to
* read from the socket until our delay is up. -lkw
<LI><B><A HREF="">[kwright]</A></B>
<b>Thu Jul 13 12:37:37 MDT 2000</b><br>
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