Commit d0e2aff4 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Updated rusage command to put pnode id into rusage table rather than

node id (which could be virtual).
parent 830d8dd1
...@@ -4805,7 +4805,7 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dorusage) ...@@ -4805,7 +4805,7 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dorusage)
" (node_id, status_timestamp, " " (node_id, status_timestamp, "
" load_1min, load_5min, load_15min, disk_used) " " load_1min, load_5min, load_15min, disk_used) "
" values ('%s', now(), %f, %f, %f, %f)", " values ('%s', now(), %f, %f, %f, %f)",
reqp->nodeid, la1, la5, la15, dused); reqp->pnodeid, la1, la5, la15, dused);
if (reqp->isplabdslice) { if (reqp->isplabdslice) {
mydb_update("replace delayed into node_status " mydb_update("replace delayed into node_status "
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