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Change the newnode ssh keys from protocol 1 to 2 (rsa). Needed to do

this since the newnode ssh reboot fails now that we default to
protocol 2. Good to do anyway.

doc/UPDATING has the instructions for updating the newnode MFS. There
is no need to update the other MFSs since they get the current root
key from tmcd each time they boot.
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......@@ -18,6 +18,21 @@ Note that some instructions may have steps that need to occur at a few
different points in the install process - these are marked with the
earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
20080219: After install:
The newnode MFS ssh keys have been updated from protocol 1
to protocol 2 (rsa key). The new keys were installed in
/usr/testbed/etc by the top level install target. If you
plan to add new nodes to your testbed you will want to put the
new key into the newnode MFS. Do the following as root:
mdconfig -a -t vnode -u 1 -f /tftpboot/freebsd.newnode/boot/mfsroot
mount /dev/md1 /mnt
cat install/newnode_sshkeys/identity >>/mnt/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
umount /dev/mnt
mdconfig -d -u 1
cd /tftpboot/freebsd.newnode/boot; ./prepare
20070511: Before build.
Install the new publish/subscribe system which is replacing Elvin.
1024 35 147327859822590599385092586859939256682422492203604954510715603841641384661150721169594966073089149191239762534223193637591935331288088529545975657020238778200593510791749929575097966708912898949025626894328392769078775408538117875689959853708168400215330305328574041996113315176395011399036638809512686974811 root@freebsd.newnode
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAoSX5H72Y05CNpwSLjjsmTsz8Phi3CYV5BsX2IZ7JxzhNSiCDhkZPCVcqmR9OcWeJuR0SedjFuHTqzh7qv/lOIWOZv0FCe7GHfhBoOLio6niFzCX5ZZXzaTEeYHqVQte3ZPkzqs7nes9hYy0P7a4+tIJGf7ntMUL0B/4XiE2GKR2pyouvqdC4C6kuKRIxiHHM73lvRiTUjsBoU+4aSudLPWN2tf4HJ3DIhFLi0YNCzv0xUrt/L5RCu5W0XICKf0ZUhjutm/kPovm0TCC/NbySIadsdfk7bSmURsZx6zW34ZoPNU0mCjqJaRBUAJjKnvVSDonfpWUbfBTLht2mseOM7w== root@freebsd.newnode
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