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Add a makefile for updating the files in this directory.

parent 66d34b8f
# This makefile is different than all the others...
# It is intended to be run in place in the cvs tree to update the files,
# and doesn't install or build anything else. This is why it doesn't go
# through configure, etc.
# The easy way: do 'gmake all'
# You can also run the individual targets too.
all: db-create db-fill sitevars
@rm -f ./.tmp-db-create.sql
@mysqldump -d tbdb > ./.tmp-db-create.sql
@diff ./database-create.sql ./.tmp-db-create.sql > ./.tmp-create-diff
@if test -s ./.tmp-create-diff; \
then \
cat ./.tmp-create-diff; \
echo "NOTE: Don't forget to update db-migrate.txt!"; \
mv ./.tmp-db-create.sql ./database-create.sql; \
@rm -f ./.tmp-create-diff
@rm -f ./.tmp-db-create.sql
@/usr/testbed/sbin/wap /usr/testbed/sbin/export_tables \
> database-fill.sql
@mysqldump -t tbdb sitevariables > sitevars-create.sql
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