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# given a config file for switch and vlan configuration file,
# modify switch config file to contain new vlan information.
# currently, switch config file format is detailed in ~place/vlan/format-iq.
# vlan names must already be known to switch
# config file:
# format is
# vlan_name
# port_number port_number port_number port_number ... (all on one line)
# vlan_name
# port_number port_number port_number port_number ...
# (and so on)
if {$argc != 2} {
error "two arguments, _iqadfile_ and _configfile_\n"
set iqadfile [open [lindex $argv 0] r+]
set vlanfile [open [lindex $argv 1] r]
set iqadcontents [read $iqadfile]
set DSA [string first "STDALONE" $iqadcontents]
# DSA == Domain String Address. everything I want is at a fixed offset from
# this string
seek $iqadfile [expr $DSA + 0x22]
while {[gets $vlanfile line] >=0} {
# vlan name
set line [string trimleft $line]
puts -nonewline $iqadfile $line
puts -nonewline $iqadfile [format "%c" 0]
#field length 0x14 bytes (-1 for the \0 byte)
seek $iqadfile [expr 0x13-[string length $line]] current
# port list
gets $vlanfile line
set ports [split $line]
#every port has a magic unique number
set magicnumber 0xc9
foreach port $ports {
scan $port "%d" portnum
set portstr [format "%c%c" $magicnumber $portnum]
#one byte for magic number and one for port
puts -nonewline $iqadfile $portstr
incr magicnumber
lappend vlanEndOffsets [expr [tell $iqadfile] -$DSA -0x1A]
#write config length.
set configlen [expr [tell $iqadfile] - $DSA - 0x1A]
seek $iqadfile [expr $DSA + 0x1F]
puts -nonewline $iqadfile [format "%c" $configlen]
#write end-of-vlan offsets
seek $iqadfile [expr $DSA + 0xFEF]
foreach offset $vlanEndOffsets {
set offsetstr [format "%c%c" $offset 0]
# null byte follows each offset
puts -nonewline $iqadfile $offsetstr
close $iqadfile
close $vlanfile
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