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Add NSF supported verbiage.

parent 469e8df7
......@@ -194,6 +194,7 @@ function SPITFOOTER()
echo "</div>
echo "
<!--- Footer -->
......@@ -206,7 +207,11 @@ function SPITFOOTER()
<span>Question or comment? Join the
<a href='!forum/apt-users'
target='_blank'>Help Forum</a></span>
<div class='pull-right'>&copy; 2014
<div class='pull-right'>
<a data-toggle='modal' style='margin-right: 10px;'
data-target='#nsf_supported_modal'>Supported by NSF</a>
&copy; 2014
<a href='' target='_blank'>
The University of Utah</a>
......@@ -451,6 +456,33 @@ function SpitOopsModal($id)
function SpitNSFModal()
echo "<!-- This is the NSF Supported modal -->
<div id='nsf_supported_modal' class='modal fade'>
<div class='modal-dialog'>
<div class='modal-content'>
<div class='modal-body'>
This material is based upon work supported by the
National Science Foundation under Grant
No. CNS-1338155. Any opinions, findings, and
conclusions or recommendations expressed in this
material are those of the author(s) and do not
necessarily reflect the views of the National Science
<button type='button'
class='btn btn-default btn-sm'
data-dismiss='modal' aria-hidden='true'>
# Generate an authentication object to pass to the browser that
# is passed to the web server on boss. This is used to grant
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