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Another place where we want notes about the e-motes.

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......@@ -39,8 +39,11 @@ The hardware systems that currently make up the mobile wireless testbed are:
href="">Garcia</a> robots.
<li><a href="">Intel Stargate</a> single
board computers for each robot.
<li>Two statically-placed
<a href="">E-Mote</a>
Eternet gateways for Berkeley Motes.
<li><a href="">Mica2
motes</a> attached to each stargate.
motes</a> with 900MHz radios attached to each stargate and E-Mote.
<li>Four overhead cameras for <a href="#VISION">visual tracking</a> of the
<li>Two <a href="/webcam.php3">webcams</a> for viewing the robots in their
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