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Add entry to UPDATING file on how to clean up the mess that was

created by a bug introduced on 2007/10/19 and fixed in the last
parent f383ecf2
......@@ -18,6 +18,22 @@ Note that some instructions may have steps that need to occur at a few
different points in the install process - these are marked with the
earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
20080506: After install.
A bug introduced on 2007/10/19 caused the "ezid" flag to not
be properly set when creating an image using the "easy" form.
The net effect of this is that OSID where not being properly
deleted when the image id was. The following two queries
will clean up the mess the bug introduced.
update images set ezid = 1 where not ezid and
exists (select 1 from os_info where osid=imageid and ezid);
delete from os_info where ezid and osid
not in (select osid from osidtoimageid);
Both queries are safe to run, even if you where not affected
by the bug.
20080501: Before install.
Create the per project admin mailing lists if you enabled
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