Commit c93445f1 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Cache return from IMS to avoid asking for the same image data

100s of times in really big experiments.
parent bbd3789e
......@@ -224,17 +224,27 @@ sub DeleteImageData($$;$)
# If we do not have a local copy, try to load it using the URL.
# Cache just for this, to avoid repeated calls for same image.
my %localblobcache = ();
sub MapToLocalImage($$)
my ($urn, $pid) = @_;
my $blob;
my $blob = GetImageData($urn);
return $blob
if (GeniResponse::IsError($blob));
my $url = $blob->{'metadata_url'};
if (exists($localblobcache{$urn})) {
$blob = $localblobcache{$urn};
else {
$blob = GetImageData($urn);
return $blob
if (GeniResponse::IsError($blob));
$localblobcache{$urn} = $blob;
my $url = $blob->{'metadata_url'};
print STDERR Dumper($blob);
#print STDERR Dumper($blob);
# So, look to see if the user is trying to use an image that is
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