Commit c88a1ce1 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Change linktest code to invoke linktest_control insted of,

so that the process ID is tracked in the DB and so that the user can
stop a linktest in progress from the web interface, even if its
started directly from experiment swapin.
parent f1c5ee39
......@@ -519,8 +519,8 @@ if ($linktest && ExpState($pid, $eid) eq EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE) {
$optarg .= " -l 1";
print "Running ' $optarg -e $pid/$eid'\n";
if (system("$tbbindir/ $optarg -e $pid/$eid") != 0) {
print "Running 'linktest_control $optarg $pid $eid'\n";
if (system("$TB/sbin/linktest_control $optarg $pid $eid") != 0) {
system("cat $output")
if (-r $output);
......@@ -832,8 +832,8 @@ if ($linktest_level && ExpState($pid, $eid) eq EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE) {
my $output = "linktest.$$";
my $optarg = "-l $linktest_level -o $output";
print STDOUT "Running ' $optarg -e $pid/$eid'\n";
if (system("$tbdir/ $optarg -e $pid/$eid") != 0) {
print STDOUT "Running 'linktest_control $optarg $pid $eid'\n";
if (system("$TB/sbin/linktest_control $optarg $pid $eid") != 0) {
system("cat $output")
if (-r $output);
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