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Commit c850b203 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

tbadb: fix cmd_setup() w.r.t. changed adb forwarding semantics.

parent e2eddf4c
......@@ -153,19 +153,21 @@ exit $DISPATCH{$CMD}->($node_id, @ARGS);
# "setup" is a compound command. We just separate out the arguments
# and call the respective individual commands.
# Note: assumes cmd_reserveport() has already been called for device!
sub cmd_setup($@) {
my ($node_id, $imagepid, $imagename, $thost) = @_;
my ($node_id, $imagepid, $imagename) = @_;
# Brief check for correct number of arguments. The individual
# commands will do a more thorough check.
die "tbadb::cmd_setup: missing one or more arguments (need: <project> <image_name> <target_adb_host>)!\n"
if (!$node_id || !$imagepid || !$imagename || !$thost);
die "tbadb::cmd_setup: missing one or more arguments (need: <project> <image_name>)!\n"
if (!$node_id || !$imagepid || !$imagename);
# Individual commands will die() if they fail, so subsequent calls
# will not happen.
cmd_loadimage($node_id, $imagepid, $imagename);
cmd_forward($node_id, $thost);
# Done!
return 0;
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