Commit c7b0c682 authored by Jay Lepreau's avatar Jay Lepreau
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Get Usenix paper into doc, from tbsrc/doc/papers.

parent ab7cee0d
......@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ frisbee-dist: $(DISTFILES)
mv frisbee-dist/frisbee/ frisbee-dist/frisbee/Makefile-linux
mv frisbee-dist/frisbee/ frisbee-dist/README
cp $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/COPYING frisbee-dist
cp $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/doc/papers/frisbee-usenix03.pdf frisbee-dist/doc
(cd frisbee-dist/frisbee; \
$(EXPANDCOPYRIGHT) Makefile Makefile-linux $(DISTFILES))
(cd ../imagezip; $(MAKE) imagezip.tar)
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