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Warn around synch problems with passwd/group files and their .db files.

Something about the way we upgrade apparently causes the .db files not
to get remade. This ultimately causes problems with the Emulab scripts
try to add accounts.
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......@@ -257,6 +257,20 @@ B. Updating the base FreeBSD system
sudo rm -rf /Oetc
LATE BREAKING NEWS: we have noticed that the changes to the password
file (adding user _ypldap and changing "games" homedir) don't seem
to be reflected, like the .db files didn't get properly recreated.
(If "echo ~games" shows "/usr/games" instead of "/"). Remake the DB
files to be certain:
sudo pwd_mkdb -p /etc/master.passwd
If you don't get this sorted out now, it may cause problems when you
add users to the testbed later. In particular, when adding user "foo"
it might spit out messages:
pw: user 'foo' disappeared during update
4. The mothership may need some additional local hacks to some standard
utilities, in particular "mountd" and "pw". Both should have a patch
in the Emulab source tree patches subdir.
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