Commit c75f3ba0 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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Tweak announce command per #202

parent 011e106f
......@@ -40,12 +40,13 @@ sub usage()
print STDERR " -a Create a new announcement with the given announcement text.\n";
print STDERR " -p Set the portal to be the one given. Should be one of 'cloudlab', 'emulab', 'aptlab', 'phantomnet'.\n";
print STDERR " -s Set the style of the overall announcement box. Should normally be one of bootstraps alert-* classes. Defaults to 'alert-info'.\n";
print STDERR " Common styles: 'alert-success' -> green, 'alert-info' -> blue, 'alert-warning' -> yellow, 'alert-danger' -> red\n\n";
print STDERR " -b If there is an action associated with this announcement, this is the text which goes into the action button. Can include HTML. If it is unset, there is no action button.\n";
print STDERR " -u URL of action associated with this announcement. {uid_idx} and {uid} can be used as URL templates to generate a different URL on a per-user basis. If it is unset, there is no action button.\n";
print STDERR " -m The maximum number of times that this announcement will appear to a user. Every page view (even those in a single session) counts. A value of '0' indicates that the announcement should keep appearing indefinitely until dismissed by the user or an action is taken. Defaults to 20.\n";
print STDERR " -l List global announcements. Defaults to listing active announcements.\n";
print STDERR " -r Retire announcement with the given idx. A retired announcement will no longer be displayed to users.\n";
print STDERR " -i Info about a particular announcement.\n";
print STDERR " -i Info about a particular announcement.\n\n";
my $optlist = "hap:s:b:u:m:lr:i:";
......@@ -133,11 +134,21 @@ if (defined($options{"m"})) {
$max_seen = $options{"m"};
if ($add_mode + $list_mode + $retire_mode + $info_mode != 1) {
if ($add_mode)
if (! defined($portal)) {
print STDERR "Portal must be defined when adding an announcement\n\n";
elsif ($portal ne "cloudlab" && $portal ne "emulab" &&
$portal ne "aptlab" && $portal ne "phantomnet") {
print STDERR "Portal $portal is invalid. Must be cloudlab, emulab, aptlab, or phantomnet.\n\n";
if ($add_mode and ! defined($portal)) {
if ($add_mode + $list_mode + $retire_mode + $info_mode != 1) {
print STDERR "No mode selected. Must use one of -a, -r, -l, or -i\n\n";
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