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Leigh added a scale field to the floorimages table at 1.274 .

Table values are included here too, switching from png to jpg files
and adding the scaled-up maps.
parent 7845810a
......@@ -1964,6 +1964,31 @@ last_net_act,last_cpu_act,last_ext_act);
PRIMARY KEY (order_id)
Also added a scale field to the floorimages table.
ALTER TABLE floorimages ADD COLUMN scale tinyint(4)
NOT NULL default '1' AFTER floor;
ALTER TABLE floorimages ADD PRIMARY KEY (building,floor,scale);
REPLACE INTO floorimages (building, floor, scale, image_path, thumb_path)
VALUES ('MEB', 1, 1, 'meb1fl-1.jpg', 'meb1fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 1, 2, 'meb1fl-2.jpg', 'meb1fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 1, 3, 'meb1fl-3.jpg', 'meb1fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 1, 4, 'meb1fl-4.jpg', 'meb1fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 2, 1, 'meb2fl-1.jpg', 'meb2fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 2, 2, 'meb2fl-2.jpg', 'meb2fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 2, 3, 'meb2fl-3.jpg', 'meb2fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 2, 4, 'meb2fl-4.jpg', 'meb2fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 3, 1, 'meb3fl-1.jpg', 'meb3fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 3, 2, 'meb3fl-2.jpg', 'meb3fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 3, 3, 'meb3fl-3.jpg', 'meb3fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 3, 4, 'meb3fl-4.jpg', 'meb3fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 4, 1, 'meb4fl-1.jpg', 'meb4fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 4, 2, 'meb4fl-2.jpg', 'meb4fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 4, 3, 'meb4fl-3.jpg', 'meb4fl-thumb.jpg'),
('MEB', 4, 4, 'meb4fl-4.jpg', 'meb4fl-thumb.jpg');
1.275: Add timed-based mapping table for generic OSIDs. This augments the
nextosid mechinism of 1.114 making it possible to map a generic *-STD
OSID based on the time in which an experiment is created. This
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