Commit c6f53d19 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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BUG FIX: Doh 2!

Improve previous fix to assign the CORRECT VALUE to the initialized variable
I now use for more predictable and correct results!

I have now exhausted all possible incorrect fixes for this bug.
parent 6f270600
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ mysystem("$TB/sbin/mkproj -s $pid");
# Get the list of users and admin status. Admin users get a real shell
# on boss. Create the users, and not that we have to do this before the
# on boss. Create the users, and note that we have to do this before the
# groups are created (tbacct add does not do a setgroups).
my $users_result =
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ while (my ($gid_idx) = $query_result->fetchrow_array()) {
# Now do a setgroups.
while (my ($uid,$admin,$status) = $users_result->fetchrow_array()) {
while (my ($uid,$uid_idx,$admin,$status) = $users_result->fetchrow_array()) {
if ($uid eq "elabman");
......@@ -177,7 +177,20 @@ mysystem("$TB/sbin/exports_setup");
# So for the moment, we tweak the DB to rewrite everything to use the BSD
# tools.
# XXX this should go away if we once again settle on a single set of tools.
# Note that re-writing the pxe_boot_path doesn't have any effect for elabs
# NOT using the SINGLE_CONTROLNET setting. This is because as long as
# outer (real) boss responds first, the filename it returns is what gets
# used. We could rewrite pxe_boot_path in the real boss DB for nodes
# that are in an elabinelab, but then we could lose custom per-node settings
# for that field. To fix that, we could introduce a temporary field for
# holding any custom value, but I don't want to go there...
# Anyway, the way we work around the non-SINGLE_CONTROLNET problem is to
# find all the custom pxe_boot_path values (in nodes or node_type_attributes)
# and "create" them on the inner boss by symlinking them to the standard
# pxeboot. SWEET!
# XXX this should go away if/when we settle on a single set of tools.
if (1) {
# first find the OSIDs for the "standard" MFSes
......@@ -199,6 +212,21 @@ if (1) {
# make sure newnode MFS points to the correct place
DBQueryFatal("update os_info set path='$nmfspath' where osid=$nmfs");
# collect up non-standard PXE boot paths, first from node_type_attributes..
my @bogoboots = ();
$qr = DBQueryFatal("select attrvalue from node_type_attributes ".
"where attrkey='pxe_boot_path' and attrvalue!='' ".
"group by attrvalue");
while (my ($path) = $qr->fetchrow_array()) {
push @bogoboots, $path;
# ..and then from nodes
$qr = DBQueryFatal("select pxe_boot_path from nodes ".
"where pxe_boot_path is not NULL and role='testnode'");
while (my ($path) = $qr->fetchrow_array()) {
push @bogoboots, $path;
# and find all the node types and update their attributes.
$qr = DBQueryFatal("select type from node_types where class='pc'");
while (my ($ntype) = $qr->fetchrow_array()) {
......@@ -211,6 +239,27 @@ if (1) {
" where attrkey='diskloadmfs_osid' and type='$ntype'");
# fixup any nodes table entries with non-standard pxe_boot_path's
DBQueryFatal("update nodes set pxe_boot_path=NULL ".
" where pxe_boot_path is not NULL");
# Now symlink all the alternate boots to pxeboot.emu
# XXX we assume everything is at the top level of /tftpboot right now.
foreach my $boot (@bogoboots) {
if ($boot =~ /^\/tftpboot\/([^\/]+)$/) {
$boot = $1;
if (! -e "/tftpboot/$boot") {
if (system("ln -s pxeboot.emu /tftpboot/$boot")) {
print STDERR
"*** could not symlink non-standard boot '$boot';",
" some inner nodes will not boot properly!\n";
# Remake the dhcpd.conf file to reflect any pxeboot change.
# XXX dhcpd is not running yet so don't need this.
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