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Update the back-half of the file

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......@@ -92,10 +92,12 @@ QUICK TOUR
* sql/database-create.sql contains the DB schema.
- The Web Interface (www/*) is the primary means of managing and
interfacing with the system.
interfacing with the system. For the most part it uses an XML RPC
interface (xmlrpc/*) for communicating with the "backend" infrastructure.
There is also an experimental standalone GUI that uses this interface.
- The tbsetup directory contains the bulk of the server-side experiment
setup and management code.
- The tbsetup and backend directories contain the bulk of the server-side
experiment setup and management code.
* startexp (tbsetup/ is the backend for experiment creation;
Important scripts it calls include tbprerun (tbsetup/
and tbswap (tbsetup/
......@@ -107,20 +109,20 @@ QUICK TOUR
- The frisbee subsystem (os/frisbee.redux, os/imagezip) is used for creation
and rapid deployment of disk images.
- tmcd (tmcd/*) is contacted by nodes as they boot up, to get configuration.
- The client-driven node configuration is handled by scripts on the client
which communicate with the server via a custom configuration protocol.
The server- and client-side of this mechanism is in the tmcd subdir.
- capture and console (capture/*, tip/*) provide serial line access to nodes.
- The majority of the client-side (i.e., on each experiment node) boot-time
setup code is in the tmcd/common and tmcd/<os-name> directories. These
are mostly perl and sh scripts for adding accounts, configuring interfaces,
installing software, etc.
- dynamic node and experiment control is provided via the Emulab event
system and its assorted agents (event/*).
account - Account creation and management
apache - Apache HTTPD configuration
assign - Resource allocation software
backend - Server-side of the Emulab XML RPC interface
bugdb - Optional per-project bug database
capture - Node serial line server software
cdrom - Software related to CD-booting local and remote machines
......@@ -131,6 +133,7 @@ dhcpd - DHCPD configuration
doc - Documentation (mainly internal)
event - Event System
firewall - Code and notes for per-experiment control net firewalls
flash - Software related to flash-dongle-booting local and remote machines
hyperviewer - 3D experiment visualization tool (not used)
image-test - Test framework for auto-testing of new OS images
install - Site installation scripts
......@@ -142,6 +145,8 @@ os - Client-side software (disk loading, route calculation, etc.)
patches - Patches needed to compile standard software packages
pelab - Preliminary support for "Flexlab", an Emulab/PlanetLab hybrid
protogeni - Evolving software for a prototype GENI system based on Emulab
pxe - Software related to PXE-booting machines
rc.d - Server-side startup scripts
robots - Support for mobile wireless (Garcia robots)
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