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mike 2003/10/24 10:24:08 MDT
Modified files:
os/imagezip TODO imageunzip.c
imagezip.8 imagezip.c
os/imagezip/fat fat_boot.c fat_fat.c fat_glue.c
Added files:
os/imagezip global.h sliceinfo.h
os/imagezip/extfs ext2_fs.h extfs.c
os/imagezip/ffs disklabel.h ffs.c ffs.h
os/imagezip/ntfs ntfs_glue.c
Removed files:
os/imagezip ext2_fs.h linux_types.h
Introducing imagezip redux!
Ok, not really any fundamental changes, mostly a source reorganization,
but some new features as well:
1. Split off FS specific code for all FS types into subdirectories.
imagezip.c was just getting unwieldy. You can now (in theory, I
haven't enabled this in any easy way) build a version of imagezip
with only the FSes you care about.
2. As part of the above, localize the filesystem specific headers in
the subdirs instead of relying on the installed system headers.
This allows easy building of, for example, BSD FS support under
3. Hacked up the GNUmakefiles some so that imagezip with all FS support
will build (in the Emulab context) under Linux and FreeBSD 5.1 as
well as FreeBSD 4.x. Still a hack, for Linux you need to first do:
setenv LINUX 1
setenv HAVE_GCC3 1
setenv HAVE_LOCALE 1
and for FreeBSD 5.x:
setenv HAVE_GCC3 1
setenv HAVE_LOCALE 1
these trigger ifdefs in some of the Makefiles to DTRT. Imagezip
and frisbee still need a standalone configure...
4. Added support for UFS2 (aka FreeBSD 5.x default filesystems).
5. Added "-S dos-type" option to imagezip. This is the general form
of the -b, -l, and -n options to force imagezip to treat the device
as though it contains a filesystem of the indicated type.
Revision Changes Path
1.26 +48 -21 testbed/os/imagezip/
1.4 +1 -0 testbed/os/imagezip/TODO
1.25 +3 -12 testbed/os/imagezip/imageunzip.c
1.9 +19 -4 testbed/os/imagezip/imagezip.8
1.42 +131 -1190 testbed/os/imagezip/imagezip.c
1.2 +4 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/fat/fat_boot.c
1.2 +4 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/fat/fat_fat.c
1.2 +4 -1 testbed/os/imagezip/fat/fat_glue.c
1.2 +5 -0 testbed/os/imagezip/fat/fat_glue.h
1.4 +23 -4 testbed/os/imagezip/ntfs/
1.3 +22 -11 testbed/os/imagezip/ntfs/libntfs/
kwebb 2003/10/23 15:37:17 MDT
Modified files:
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