Commit c5f204ca authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson

BUG FIX: Fix ssh command line

Make sure to pass options *after* the subboss_frisbeelauncher command,
not before.
parent 00b1eacb
......@@ -63,9 +63,10 @@ usage()
my ($subboss, $imageid, $path, $size, $mtime) = map { /(.*)/; $1 } @ARGV;
my @command = ('ssh', $subboss);
push @command, '/usr/testbed/sbin/subboss_frisbeelauncher';
push @command, '-d' if ($debug);
push @command, '-k' if ($killmode);
push @command, ('/usr/testbed/sbin/subboss_frisbeelauncher', $imageid, $path, $size, $mtime);
push @command, ($imageid, $path, $size, $mtime);
if ($?) {
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