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Commit c48951b5 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Timestamp the console log.

So we can see where things might be getting hung.
parent 67efc785
......@@ -172,12 +172,16 @@ my $MAXIMAGEWAIT = 1800;
# Monitors the pty exported by xenconsoled. Note that the
# specific pty can change when a domain reboots; capture
# deals with this.
# -T: Put out a timestamp if there has been no previous output
# for at least 10 seconds.
# -L: In conjunction with -T, the timestamp message includes how
# long it has been since the last output.
# -R: Retry interval of 2 seconds. When capture is disconnected
# from the pty (due to domain reboot/shutdowns), this is how
# long we wait between attempts to reconnect.
my $CAPTURE = "/usr/local/sbin/capture-nossl";
my $CAPTUREOPTS = "-i -C -R 2000";
my $CAPTUREOPTS = "-i -C -L -T 10 -R 2000";
# Create a thin pool with the name $POOL_NAME using not more
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