Commit c43de311 authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

Changed to have ptop file as second arg

parent a9223933
......@@ -19,19 +19,21 @@ if {[file dirname [info script]] == "."} {
} else {
set updir [file dirname [file dirname [info script]]]
set testbed "[file dirname [info script]]/testbed.ptop"
set assign "$updir/assign_hw/assign"
set maxrun 5
set delaythresh .25
if {[llength $argv] != 1} {
puts stderr "Syntax: assign <ir>"
if {[llength $argv] != 2} {
puts stderr "Syntax: assign <ir> <ptop>"
exit 1
set testbed [lindex $argv 1]
set irfile [lindex $argv 0]
# Generate top file.
set fp [open $argv "r"]
set fp [open $irfile "r"]
proc readto {fp s} {
while {[gets $fp line] >= 0} {
......@@ -113,10 +115,10 @@ close $topfp
# run assign on the topfile and $testbed
puts "Running assign ($assign -b -t $testbed $tmpfile)"
puts " Log in [file dirname $argv]/assign.log"
puts " Log in [file dirname $irfile]/assign.log"
set run 0
while {$run < $maxrun} {
set assignfp [open "|$assign -b -t $testbed $tmpfile | tee -a [file dirname $argv]/assign.log" r]
set assignfp [open "|$assign -b -t $testbed $tmpfile | tee -a [file dirname $irfile]/assign.log" r]
set problem 0
set score -1
set seed 0
......@@ -162,7 +164,7 @@ if {$run > $maxrun} {
close $assignfp
# append virtual section to ir
set fp [open $argv a]
set fp [open $irfile a]
puts "Adding virtual section"
# XXX: we don't do links or lans yet
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