Commit c412948c authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Remove todo comments, add a function to dump the node/site map, which I

had foolishly not added...
parent b4fa124d
......@@ -188,6 +188,18 @@ class FlexlabDataServer:
return retval
def getNodeSiteMap(self):
retval = []
for (k,v) in self.nodeidToNodeIdx.iteritems():
if not v == None and self.nodeidToSiteIdx.has_key(k):
si = self.nodeidToSiteIdx[k]
return retval
def _cacheMeasurement(self,type,sidx,didx,mval,ts):
if not self.cache.has_key(type):
self.cache[type] = dict({})
......@@ -333,22 +345,6 @@ class flexlab:
# use FORCE INDEX unixstamp or whatever, check in bgmon stuff
# (t0,t1,[srcnodes_or_sites],[dstnodes_or_sites])
# function to translate hostnames/IPs to db idxes
# function to get nodes at a site, or similar
# hardlimit amount of data to return based on time interval length (i.e.,
# we don't want to buffer more than N rows before returning it)
# think about how to support various "where" options (i.e., all nodes with
# bw > X or latency < 20ms
# look for way to filter query based on IN (x,y,z)
def getMeasurements(self,argdict={}):
Returns a list of measurements. Each measurement is a list like:
......@@ -731,6 +727,15 @@ class flexlab:
retval = self.fds.getNodeInfo(argdict["node"])
return retval
def getNodeSiteMap(self,argdict={}):
Returns a list of 4-element lists:
Arguments: none
return self.fds.getNodeSiteMap()
def getFullyConnectedSet(self,argdict={}):
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